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Signal & Security Elite ltd Provide a Aerial diagnostics and Aerial Repair service for all your Signal Equipment & Receivers 

TV aerial installations

TV Reception Not Working The Way It Should, Could it Be Something To Do With Your Aerial.

Aerial diagnostics, Identifying the problem with your aerial system. By doing aerial diagnostics we are able to find where the fault lies. This can be anything in your aerial system from a small break in the cable to the aerial on your roof. The problem could even be with a faulty splitter or masthead amp. Whatever the problem maybe we are there to help you. Aerial diagnostics OR Aerial Repair is always the best way to find the fault as it could save you money, signal and security elite always believe DONT FIX SOMETHING THAT’S NOT BROKEN.

Does your TV suffer the following?

  • TV picture breaking up? By this we mean, Lines or snow like the picture, or could be jumping of freezing.
  • TV displaying Messages? for example,  weak or no signal, Cannot Connect, or simply showing a Blue Screen.
  • Is the bad weather stopping you from watching your favorite TV show STRONG WINDS MAYBE EVEN RAIN? 

If Your TV is showing any of these signs, an aerial diagnostic can help identify exactly where the problem lies.

Our qualified aerial engineers check everything, the aerial on the roof, all fixtures and fittings externally, plus all the internal coaxial cables running to any TV equipment that requires reception from the aerial.

Once the aerial engineer has diagnosed where the fault lies, He will then perform tests to see what needs altering or replacing, after this, he will show you exactly where or what the fault is while explaining why the fault occurred and how to prevent it from happening in the future. if aerial repair is needed the engineer might suggest a new aerial installation if there is no saving the existing system.

The Aerial engineer will advise the best affordable way to resolve the issue, If you’re happy with the costs, the aerial engineer will get to work on repairing/replacing the fault. usually, the engineer carries all spare parts on board to rectify the problem quickly and efficiently.

If any parts are needed or even a new aerial, all parts and installs will come with a 1-year guarantee. 

You’re in safe hands, we pride ourselves on good customer service 

If you need help Retuning or setting up your TV channels, Just ask the engineer.

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We Service and Repair all Models of digital TV aerials & Antennas this includes All Coaxial cables Sockets and Fittings.

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When we visit We can supply, All types of Digital boxes, set-top boxes, and any other digital TV receivers you may need, then once installed, we can then help you set up your receiver equipment.

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