Same Day TV Aerial Installation Services

Fitting a new TV aerial installation will enable you to watch a range of channels, including HD, via a set-top box or built-in service. This includes Freeview, where there are no subscriptions or fees. Just a one-off aerial supply and installation service and you’re good to go. We can also fit new aerials for YouView and BT Vision.

The engineers carry a comprehensive range of stock, so you’ll get the best TV aerial installation for your viewing requirements, and in most cases, we can install your new TV aerial on the same day.

 TV aerial repair service starts with a visit to survey your existing equipment and measure signal strength. The engineer will then give you a full breakdown of the options available. If the engineer can fix your existing aerial and you choose to go ahead with the work, he can get on with the job there and then. You won’t be waiting for parts, or for us to come back another day.

Service Hours:

  • MONDAY           8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
  • TUESDAY           8.30 AM – 7.30 PM 
  • WEDNESDAY     8.30 AM – 7.30 PM
  • THURSDAY        8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
  • FRIDAY              8.30 AM – 7.00 PM 
  • SATURDAY        8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
  • SUNDAY            8.30 AM – 7.00 PM

Why Choose Us?

  • Honest, Reliable And Trustworthy
  • Same Day Service
  • Only Using High Quality Parts, Cable And Components
  • Guarantees On All Work

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    Fitted my cctv system for me and did not give up until every detail was nailed into place! High quality work especially for a same day callout very impressed cheers again mate.
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    Excellent friendly service. Attention to detail service above and beyond. Nothing too much trouble Highly recommended.
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    Excellent service professional and tv looks great on the wall . Definitely recommend.
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    Matthew top man. Messages right through process. Polite professional with quality product. Spot on customer service.
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    Mathew come to mine bang on time cracked on very professional and can not fault the work he dose and prices defo will use again and recommend 👍
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    Highly recommended. Fitted a TV and aerial cable in a perfect and professional manner. Superb pricing too!

    TV Aerial Installation

    Signal & Security Elite Ltd offer a TV aerial installer service

    Digital TV Aerial Installer for your new TV aerial. We provide a TV setup service for when you buy a new tv. TV retune services for all important updates from your local tv mast.

    New tv aerial install can either be fitted in the loft or outside. We provide all customers with the best professional advice to fix the problem.

    Aerial diagnostics are carried out to a high standard. We check everything from the aerial connection inside to the aerial and fittings on the outside to make sure you can continue watching tv with peace of mind.

    Also provide free on-site quotes for all new aerial installations. TV Aerial installers you can rely on.


    TV Signal Not Working The Way It Should. 

    Aerial diagnostics, Identifying the problem with your aerial system. By doing aerial diagnostics we are able to find where the fault lies. This can be anything in your aerial system from a small break in the cable to the aerial on your roof. The problem could even be with a faulty splitter or masthead amp. Whatever the problem may be, we are here to help you. Aerial diagnostics OR Aerial Repair is always the best way to find the fault as it could save you money, signal and security elite always believe DONT FIX SOMETHING THAT’S NOT BROKEN.


    Services That can be included while Installing your new digital aerial for example:

    extra services

    Freeview Multiroom

    If you would like to be able to enjoy high-quality viewing in more than one room, why not consider our multi-room service? Various options are available, which we’ll be happy to explain and discuss with you. 

    Freeview Splitter

    The more modern – and, more visually pleasing – way to provide high-quality reception to more than one room is through using one aerial, Fed through a four-way passive splitter, this provides the Freeview signal to up to four locations within your property, each giving a level of reception identical to that provided by a standard aerial.

    Even if you require only two or three locations at present, the spare port provides flexibility for the future, should you decide you wish to have a feed-in another room, or indeed to extend your property.

    multi room

    TV Aerial installation for Hotels Apartments or Blocks of Flats

    Are you’re looking for an aerial for a bigger property, We also cater to bigger properties, for example, TV Aerial installation for hotels, Flats, and apartments using the method above, using various Aerial splitters or distributors, we can split the digital reception, from a single aerial and send the digital feed to each room, without loosing picture quality. Connections run off one aerial trouble-free.

    aerial distribution system

    Types of Digital Aerial Rigs or Aerial Brackets

    We advise our customers on the best Aerial brackets (known as Aerial rigs) to fit when installing, for example,

    Depending on the installed area, or surface, if it’s an internal aerial, or external aerial, fitting the right bracket to keep your aerial in one place for years to come, is as important as the aerial itself if you use the wrong bracket this could lead to problems in the future as losing reception or because of movement making it unsafe, due to not being stable.

    Our TV aerial installer may suggest one of the following 3 different types of brackets, this is to make sure your aerial will stay secure and safe for years to come.

    • Light duty 6×6 wall bracket or chimney cradle.                     
    • Medium duty 9×9 wall bracket or chimney cradle.
    • Heavy-duty 12×12 wall bracket or chimney cradle.  
    • T & K BRACKETS 

    Need an Aerial for FM & DAB Radio, We can also provide the right digital antenna to suit your needs.

    Signal & Security Elite are specialists at supplying and installing high-quality AM, FM or even DAB aerials at your property, providing you fantastic and clear radio reception in as many rooms of your choice!

    All new FM or DAB aerial installations start with a free on-site quote on a day and time of your choice, with no obligation to have any installation carried out. When on-site we discuss your requirements and provide good advice on the most suitable aerial for your property and costs.

    Additionally, we can install a single system or multiroom system to provide high-quality digital radio signals throughout your property, allowing each user individual to listen to their favourite radio stations.

    FM and DAB Antenna


    Our TV Aerial Installation Service

    Does your TV suffer the following?

    • TV picture breaking up? By this we mean, Lines or snow like the picture, or could be jumping or freezing.
    • TV displaying Messages? for example,  weak or no signal, Cannot Connect, or simply showing a Blue Screen.
    • Is the bad weather stopping you from watching your favorite TV show STRONG WINDS MAYBE EVEN RAIN?
    TV Aerial Installer

    TV Aerial Repair

    We provide TV Aerial Repairs

    TV Aerial Repairs

    In need of a TV Aerial Repair?
    See TV Aerial Repair


    We provide a TV retune service, as there are people out there that do not know how to do this, or not tech-savvy. This is, even more, the case depending on what type of system you are using. Do you watch your programs directly on the TV, Or do you watch your programs through a set-top box? Both can be tricky if you have no idea what you’re doing. If you find you have retuned your TV and you are still not able to get your channels back, then you maybe need a TV aerial engineer to find out what the problem is. 

    Aerial Retune Service

    TV Retune

    We provide a TV retune service

    TV Retune Services

    Looking for a TV Retune Company to Retune your TV?
    See TV Retune

    Do you require your LCD, LED or Smart TV wall mounting? Then look no further, Signal & Security Elite are the ones for you. We specialise in all aspects of TV wall mounting and are here to offer you a professional installation service at competitive prices.

    Wall mounting  LCD, LED and Smart TV’s is a fantastic space saver, but they’re expensive and heavy bits of kit to attempt to wall mount without experience. So, our tv wall mounting service ensures your new TV is attached safely and securely with a TV wall bracket of your choice. We will also tune and set up your TV! SIGNAL & Security Elite also offer TV AERIAL INSTALLATION OR REPAIR if needed, we are here to supply you with the best possible viewing experience no matter what the challenge.

    TV Wall Mount

    TV Wall Mount

    We Provide TV Wall Mounting.

    TV Wall Mounting

    Looking for a TV Wall Mount company?
    See TV Wall Mount