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When you are looking for a CCTV Installation company that has dedicated, professional CCTV Installers that are all about customer satisfaction you choose, Signal & Security Elite Ltd: A 5 star Installer & repair company based in Burnley, Lancashire.

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    Our CCTV Installation Service

    CCTV Installers

    Get a professional CCTV installation for your CCTV system.

    CCTV systems are a great way of enhancing your security and it lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones. As a result, it acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. Therefore sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen. Our CCTV installers make your job easier.

    We make sure that your alerts and motion detections are set up correctly and if your system can view your CCTV via your phone. A CCTV installer will connect your system to be able to view on any device.

    CCTV and Alarms

    Our CCTV installer handles everything from helping you select the right equipment, to ensuring all wiring is hidden where possible because we always try to provide a truly professional CCTV Installation service. 

    When choosing an CCTV installation service from Signal & Security Elite ltd you will be well looked after by your local engineer because we believe in giving you the best level of local service.

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    CCTV Installer & Repairs

    Signal & Security Elite ltd also provide a repair service for your existing CCTV system, because we believe there if it can be fixed it will be and as a result, it saves you money. 

     Security camera systems can prove invaluable in a variety of different premises. As a result, with any CCTV system, they can have issues from time to time. 

    CCTV repairs are important because it saves you spending money on a new system when you don’t need to.

     Our vans are fully kitted out for most jobs because then the CCTV installer can get the system up and running again in no time at all. For more information about CCTV REPAIR.

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    All of our systems when installed can be viewed from a smart device i.e Phone/Tablet and a PC, providing you have an internet source at your home. 

    Security cameras automatically switch between day and night modes, as a result, you can be sure they’re always getting a good view of any intruders.

    Systems can record up to 30 days of constant footage and maybe more depending on the size of hard drive you have.
    Because when you’re away from home, such as on holiday. Your security camera system is still active and recording in the background. 

    There’s space to capture a month of footage, and when set to motion detection the system can store even more as an event log.



    IP cameras, also called network cameras allow you to have access to live view or recorded footage from your PC and any other PC connected to a network or the Internet.

     For example, IP security cameras could be located in your branch in London, Manchester and Glasgow and you would be able to view them all via your own PC at home or any other PC connected to your network or the Internet.

    IP SYSTEM cctv installer

    IP camera types

    Indoor cameras are widely used both residentially and commercially because depending on their functionality, they’re classified as a fixed camera or a pan tilt zoom camera (PTZ camera). Fixed cameras are generally used to monitor a set of areas, whereas a PTZ camera can be used to either track motion or manually adjust the monitoring area.

    Outdoor wired cameras, also known as AC powered cameras, are placed in outdoor environments, because they are designed to survive weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and rain, and are generally capable of capturing video in low light conditions. They are often rated IP65/IP67 standards to withstand the outdoor environment.

    Wired (AC powered) or Wired free cameras for homes are IP cameras that have their own independent power sources, such as a solar panel or battery.

    cctv installer

    BNC )The connector was named the BNC (for Bayonet Neill – Concelman). If your system is POC (power over coax) or runs over CAT5.

     As CCTV installers, we have what you need to suit the job at hand. 

    Cloud and local storage

    Some camera manufacturers offer cloud subscriptions where users may remotely view and download recent video clips by paying recurring subscription fees. Cloud subscription plans typically come with several days of looping storage, and the videos will be overwritten beyond this duration.

    Some cameras include a micro SD card slot so users may store videos locally. There is no looping as long as the memory card has sufficient space to store the images. However, locally stored video footage can not be accessed remotely.

    DVR & NVR

    DVR (Digital video recorder)

    DVR comes in many channels 4,8,16,32. Channel amount means the number of cameras you can have on the recorder. Memory size for the hard drive has a range of 1,2,4,6,8 TB OF MEMORY.


     NVR comes in many channels 4,8,16,32. The channel amount means the number of cameras you can have on the recorder. Network video recorders have different connections to the DVR setup. NVR uses ethernet RJ45 CONNECTIONS. The hard drive size is the same.

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