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 ALARMS – CCTV – DOOR BELL CAMERA home security services for all your security needs. If you are looking for either Cctv or Alarms, or You may just be looking for a smart doorbell camera. we can supply and install it all. In addition, if you have bought a system and need a engineer to help install, we can do this too.  All quotations are on site. Our engineers can give you the best advice on location of devices. Also a choice of option to which system would best suite your needs and requirements.

Wireless Alarm Systems. Smart Alarms Install

Looking for a fast and reliable alarm system? Signal and Security Elite’s range of wireless alarm systems are ideal. therefore making it quick and convenient to securing your property. Some of the great benefits of wireless security systems include, being far easier to install than wired alarms, great looking and modern, and in other words, offering a fantastic performance. They are also extremely easy to extend, if you plan to add additional sensors. Wireless alarm systems are entirely portable, making it perfect if you are moving house. For instances detaching the device from the allocated place and mounting it in your new home.

services we provide for alarms

  • Full Alarm installations
  • Part installations (adding another device)
  • Alarm diagnostics
  • Alarm repairs or replacement.
Alarm and CCTV Services


CCTV is a great way of improving your Home security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones, and acts as a deterrent to potential robbers – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen. Cctv can be viewed on many things for instance your TV, and laptop or desktop. If you wish to be able to view for system, when away on holiday. you can for instances connect your phone via the app. However, you must have the internet connected to the recorder (DVR). Therefore having the ablility to view your cameras on your phone   

 Did you know that having a Cctv system added to your home can drop your ( home insurance )

Services we provide for CCTV are 

  • Full CCTV installations
  • Part installations (adding another devices )
  • CCTV diagnostic 
  • CCTV repairs or replacements
cctv installer

Smart Doorbell Camera

Modern life is busy, and you can’t always be there to protect your home. That’s where the smart doorbell camera comes in handy. From the minute someone presses the doorbell, or even approaches the house, this handy device lets you answer wherever you are. in addition you can have, 2 way audio giving you the ability to talk to each other.


door bell camera

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