If you have lost signal on your Satellite TV. Have you got poor picture quality? in other words, pixelating or freezing TV channels. Then SIGNAL AND SECURITY ELITE can help. For instance, we can perform Satellite diagnostics at your property, so we can get your TV working again.
Firstly, one of our engineers can attend to your property and perform full diagnostics of your satellite system.
Secondly, once we have found the problem we will aim to fix the system and get you the best signal possible in your area.

When providing diagnostics any parts replaced or new installation has been done there will be a 1-year guarantee on all parts and full installation.

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What Causes your Dish To Lose Signal?

So, your satellite dish may stop showing a signal. This is caused by bad weather, or something blocking the dish from getting a signal.

 In other words, a tree a building For instance meaning, your dish may need to be re-aligned, or relocated and Over time parts of your satellite dish such as the LNB and cables can become faulty, either through water damage or simple wear and tear.

 Maybe you have sky HD and your magic eye isn’t working for your multiroom. You don’t have the ability to record anymore. we can help.

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Satellite Diagnostics Services

when you get home from a hard day’s work or a day out with the family. You sit down to watch the game, only to find that your TV is not working. There is, most importantly Nothing worse! 


We can fix your Satellite Dish Fast!

In conclusion, we can visit your home. After finding the problem, offer a fast competitive price for a satellite dish, repair service, or a new installation to help get your TV channels back up and running. So all you have to do is find the remote control and carry on watching your TV. 

satellite dish installer

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